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After Your Facial

Beautiful skin requires regular care. For the ultimate experience, a 90-minute facial starting with a customized treatment focusing on your problem areas and skin goals will restore your skin to its luminous best. Our Lux Facial includes a deep double cleanse, professional exfoliation, nourishing serum and masque, hydrating eye treatment, day moisturizer, SPF and a luxurious extended neck/arm/hand massage. Your esthetician will then add two of the following add-on treatments depending on your skin: high frequency, gua sha, eye lift, or jelly mask.

Regular facials may help alleviate the damage that stress, the environment, poor diet, or poor habits take on our skin. The freshness and glow of your skin after a facial (not to mention the relaxation of an hour of me-time and a mini-massage) is good self-care. After a facial, your skin will generally feel very smooth and soft, but it may also be very sensitive. Taking care of your skin post-facial care is just as important as the facial itself, because you can unknowingly reduce the benefits of your facial by doing the wrong things.

1. Don’t pick your skin

Everyone knows you should not pick your skin, but it is especially important to avoid picking your skin after a facial, when it may be at its most sensitive. If your esthetician did not perform an extraction on a blemish, there is a good chance he or she was trying to avoid the risk of scarring or discoloration in the area. If there is a pimple or blemish that is left behind, it is likely not ready for extraction yet.

It is also normal to experience a breakout after a facial treatment. During your facial, your esthetician will massage and gently exfoliate your skin to release all of the sebum, dead cells, and dirt that may have been trapped in your pores. By dislodging built-up debris that is clogging those pores, the normal circulatory mechanism will purge the debris and you may get a temporary breakout of blemishes that makes way for clearer, smoother skin when the blemishes have gone away.

2. Avoid heavy skincare products

If your face feels tender, sensitive, or you see redness from the exfoliation or extractions in your facial, you may be tempted to use the heaviest moisturizer and makeup you have until your skin seems to have calmed down. However, it is much better to give your skin a break from heavy products and makeup for a day or two after your facial. Your pores are cleared out and more open after a facial, leaving your skin more vulnerable to bacteria. Your esthetician will likely have recommended specific serums and creams for your skin, and they will be most effective after your treatment.  A perfect light weight moisturizer is Rhonda Allison’s Exotica Rhodiola. It will keep your skin hydrated and full of antioxidants.

wash your face gently3. Wash your face gently

Your skin’s natural emollient barrier may be compromised after your facial, so it is smart to stick to gentle, hydrating cleansers. Your goal is to remove surface dirt without disrupting the skin barrier further, while still providing hydration. Also, your skin may be ultrasensitive after a facial so you’ll want to treat it extra carefully. We recommend Rhonda Allison’s Creamy Milk Cleanser. It is great for all skin types.

4. Avoid toners

Your sensitive skin may be irritated by a toner with alcohol-based ingredients, as well as those with other astringent or exfoliating ingredients. Your skin could react with dryness, redness, or irritation. You actually won’t even need a toner after a facial, because your esthetician has already cleaned your skin’s pores deeply.

5. Skip the sauna

Many spas often have some kind of steam room or sauna available for client use. However, it’s best to use this amenity prior to your facial rather than after. After your facial treatment, skip the sauna or hot environments of any kind for at least twenty-four hours. Your skin will already have been steamed to the during your facial, and additional steam can result in sensitivity and/or broken capillaries.

6. Schedule a massage before your facial

You’ll want to schedule any traditional massage on a table before getting a facial, rather than after. The reason? You won’t want your delicate post-facial skin rubbing against the massage table when you are face-down getting your back or legs massaged. If scheduling a massage after your facial is not possible, you could limit your after-facial massage treatment to a chair massage of your neck and shoulders only. We offer a massage and facial combo here at Peak Day Spa! Enjoy a relaxing massage followed by a facial in the same room.

fit woman on a treadmill7. Wipe your workout off your schedule

At least for one day. If you weren’t able to work out before your facial, you might be tempted to work out afterwards. However, the increased heat in the skin and sweat can be irritating to freshly exfoliated skin. If you absolutely must work out, be sure to do it before your facial appointment.

8. No exfoliating, facial scrubs, or acne products

Most facials incorporate an exfoliant in the service and over-exfoliating will damage your skin’s natural barrier layer. This can leave your skin irritated and result in inflammation. It is best to avoid anything that could irritate your skin for several days after getting a facial.

Products that combat acne can be harsh to your skin, especially products with retinols or salicylic acid. Using these after a facial can turn your glowing skin into red, irritated, and inflamed skin, so wait several days before using them again.

9. Schedule other treatments carefully

Opinions vary, but most specialists advise that waiting at least seven days after Botox injections before having a facial. As most facials will involve massage of the face, this could potentially be detrimental to your healing after a Botox treatment. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser treatments should all be scheduled at least seven days after your facial.

Your esthetician can give you time-frame recommendations for hair-removal procedures on your face depending on the type of facial you received. However, it’s best to plan on waiting at least a week, especially for waxing treatments. Because waxing exfoliates the skin, over-exfoliation by waxing after a facial can result in scabbing around your brows area or upper lip instead of smooth, hairless skin.

10. Stay out of the sun

Because your skin has just been exfoliated, it will be more sensitive and vulnerable to UV rays. If you must be outside, be sure to use sunscreen with SPF of 30 at minimum. A wide-brimmed hat is also recommended.  We recommend Rhonda Allison’s Broad Spectrum Daytime Defense. Apply every morning for protection against the sun, environmental pollution, and free radical damage.

If you’re don’t know which products would be best to use on your skin post-facial, it’s always a good idea to discuss this with your esthetician. He or she can give you customized recommendations of what to use on your face after your treatment.


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