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Couples massage

Couples Massage: It’s Not Just for Valentine’s Day Anymore!

The words, “couples massage” usually bring to mind a romantic Valentine’s Day treat, honeymoon activity, or an anniversary treat. However, this kind of massage can also be a great date idea or gift idea for your partner. (Father’s Day is coming up!) Especially if life has been stressful lately, it’s an opportunity to relax and reconnect while getting some much-needed TLC. If you’ve never had a couples massage, here are five of the most frequently asked questions Peak Day Spa receives.

What happens during a couples massage?

A couples massage allows partners to receive their massages together in the same area. The treatment rooms are generally softly lit and intimate. Aromatic oils and soft music also help create a relaxing ambiance. After undressing, you and your partner will lay side by side on massage tables. One therapist will usually work on each person.

Do I have to be naked?

No, nudity isn’t required. You are free to disrobe to whatever degree you are most comfortable with. Our massage therapists will guard your comfort and privacy by draping or covering private areas. If you would be more comfortable with a massage therapist of the same gender, please feel free to request one.

What kind of massage can we have?

You can choose what kind of massage you would like:

  • Deep Tissue Massage – penetrates the top layer of your muscles to soothe any aches and pains that stem from damage to the center of the muscle as well. In addition, the tendons and other tissues receive healing pressure as well. If you’ve been dealing with muscle stiffness, joint pain, and additional issues caused by tired and sore muscles, then a deep tissue massage can relieve both pain and stress.
  • Restorative Massage – is designed to be a calm and relaxing experience for the brain and the body. A restorative massage works out tight muscle knots and tension in a gentle manner. As a result, you’ll have more blood flow to those sore muscles, leaving you feeling better. An additional benefit to this form of massage is that it helps break down scar tissue as well, which can help treat the source of the pain.

Is a couples massage awkward?

No, it’s actually very relaxing. The only awkwardness you might experience is if you have different expectations for the experience. For example, if one person wants to talk during the massage, while the other would prefer to drift off, this could cause some mild frustration. We recommend that a couple discusses the experience prior to arrival so that you can eliminate that possibility.

Another consideration is the level of undress. Because the goal of couples massage is for you both to relax and unwind together, feeling anxious about the level of undress involved would detract from that. You will feel more comfortable if you communicate your comfort levels to each other beforehand so that the experience has no unexpected anxiety for you.  When you are undressed to the level you are comfortable with, the gentle massage movements will help you both to unwind together.

Young couple lying on the massage table and smiling.

Besides being fun, are there any other benefits to a couples massage?

Yes. Studies continue to find that social relationships can have a profound influence on the risk of mortality. However, these relationships may need to be more than simply verbal interactions. Physical touch is a mechanism by which social connections may reduce morbidity and mortality. Massage increases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for generating feelings of bonding and love. Massage also decreases your levels of stress hormones and can lower your blood pressure.

Incidentally, a couples massage doesn’t have to be for a romantic couple! Pairs of friends or family members can enjoy a two-person massage, as well. It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend time together. (And if family tensions are running high, a relaxing massage may help!) According to a research study, participants with generalized anxiety disorder experienced more of a reduction in anxiety-related symptoms after massage therapy than those who were given only light touch therapy.  (Mark Hyman Rapaport, et al., 2016)

Massage is more than pampering someone or indulging in a bit of luxury. It’s actually a versatile method to improve your health and mental well-being. It also makes a great gift for men and women alike.

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