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Begin Your Relaxation Journey with a Customized Massage

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing massage to remove several months or years’ worth of stress from your body. From pain relief to simple calming, a soothing massage, done by one of the professionals in our Salt Lake City spa, can restore your spirit and make you ready to face the rest of the day. Conveniently located near Sugar House and Millcreek.
Ready for the ultimate in restorative services? Select a massage treatment from our list to get started.

Deep Tissue Massage

There’s nothing quite like the relaxing and healing pressures of a deep tissue massage for helping sore muscles and tendons. Book Your Massage

True to its name, a deep tissue massage is one that penetrates the top layer of your muscles to soothe any aches and pains that stem from damage to the center of the muscle as well. In addition, the tendons and other tissues receive healing pressure as well. If you’ve been dealing with muscle stiffness, joint pain, and additional issues caused by tired and sore muscles, then a deep tissue massage is just what you need. A relaxing experience, this massage can relieve both pain and stress.

Restorative Massage

Looking for a relaxing massage experience? Sore muscles are no match for a restorative massage. Book Your Massage

If you’ve been stressed out and want to feel better, then a restorative massage is just what you need. This form of massage is designed to be a calm and relaxing experience for the brain and the body. Rather than painfully unknot those tense muscles, a restorative massage works out the tension in a gentle manner. As a result, you’ll have more blood flow to those sore muscles, leaving you feeling better. In addition, this form of massage helps to break down scar tissue as well, releasing one root cause of your pain.

Sport Massage

Whether you occasionally run for fun or a dedicated daily athlete, your muscles will benefit from a sport massage. Book Your Massage

Sport massages are designed to not only help you recover much more quickly after an event or a workout but also to help your future athletic endeavors by preventing injuries. Massages loosen sore and stiff muscles, keeping the cramping and pain at bay. As a result, your future performances will be stronger, as your newly loose and relaxed muscles will help you get to the finish line or the ball faster, and you’ll end the game or race feeling less worn out than before.

Cupping Massage

Designed to make you feel better without the use of tissue compression, cupping massage has plenty of proven benefits. Book Your Massage

During this unique form of massage – one that’s considered a type of alternative medicine at that – warmed cups are applied to the body. This heat, when combined with the upside-down cups, creates a form of suction, also known as negative pressure, on those specific areas. The roots of cupping stem from China, where the practice has been in place for centuries. Many of the benefits are similar to those of massage, as joint stiffness, inflammation, and muscle aches are all combated by the procedure.

Mother-To-Be Massage

Expecting mothers can lie back and relax as their tension, stress, and aches and pains are all massaged away during this soothing treatment. Book Your Massage

Carrying a human being, no matter the stage of pregnancy is filled with plenty of new discoveries. Even if you’ve been down this road before and are on your second or third child, you’re probably experiencing new muscle aches. Thankfully, a mother-to-be massage, which uses a special support table to keep the pressure off of your pregnant belly, will help you relax and feel better. Each of our mother-to-be massages is conducted by a certified prenatal massage therapist, leaving you in good, experienced, hands.

Couples Massage

Few things help you and your loved one bond quite like a couple’s massage. Book Your Massage

You and your partner can enjoy a relaxing massage side by side. Performed by our expert, highly trained staff members, a couple’s massage can help strengthen any relationship. If you’re on your honeymoon, have been married or simply together for a number of years, or met a handful of weeks or months beforehand, you can both partake in a soothing massage. To get started, choose which of our massage services you’d like and then prepare for the experience in a quiet room stocked with two massage tables.

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