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Look Your Best with Our Skin Care Services

Whether you want to look years younger or remove pesky hairs without having to shave, the professional skin care services at our Salt Lake City spa will give you long-lasting results. Look your best with one of our many options. Our experienced professionals look forward to helping you achieve your skin care goals.

Advanced Corrective Facial

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Show the world the best possible version of yourself, starting with clear, healthy skin. Book Your Facial

Facials use a combination of treatments, such as creams, and an intentional application approach in order to make your skin look as good as possible. When done by one of our expert estheticians, a customized facial leaves you with healthy, glowing skin. The procedure relaxes your facial muscles, preventing the beginnings of wrinkles and sagging skin. Puffiness is reduced as well. They do this by promoting healthy circulation, lymphatic drainage, and the renewal of skin cells. As a result, your skin will glow and you’ll look your best.


An anti-aging technique with proven results, microdermabrasion leaves you with skin that’s both smooth and refreshed. Book Your Microdermabrasion

For those who need something stronger than a customized facial, there’s microdermabrasion. This technique uses mechanical exfoliates to remove the outer layers of skin, leaving you looking like a younger, better version of yourself. Not only does the process help remove those dead and damaged skin cells on the surface of your face, but it also stimulates collagen production at the same time. The procedure even removes superficial lines, clears up pockmarks that mar the surface, and clears up dermal atrophy. The end results are skin that’s smooth and glowing.

Chemical Peel

Designed to reveal healthy skin cells that have been hiding within your skin, our chemical peels leave you with glowing skin. Book Your Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are exactly what they sound like – one of our expert aestheticians applies the solution to your facial skin, exfoliating dead skin cells and revealing the clear, healthy skin that’s been lurking underneath. Afterward, dull skin begins to glow, acne is cleared up and removed, and uneven skin is removed. The results are anti-aging and personally invigorating, as you’ll look your best, allowing your self-esteem to soar. Getting regular chemicals can help with the aging process as well.


Why risk getting irritated skin, cuts, razor burn, and bumps when you can wax those hairs away? Book Your Waxing

Whether you need to remove excess hair around your eyebrows, on your legs and arms, or even in those personal areas, our friendly waxologists are the ones to turn to. Our waxing process has been specially designed to be quick and as pain-free as possible, leaving you with hair-free smooth skin without all of the issues that come with shaving. We use a combination of high-quality wax and cloths, as well as especially refined techniques to clear hair from even the trickiest of places.

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