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The Why

I’m a Massage Therapist because I believe in keeping the body in a functional state. The body is very complicated and through the means of manual therapy it is possible to assist individuals with unwinding restrictions in Fascia, Muscle, Tendons, ligaments, and mobility. If the bodies soft tissue and mobility is ideal the individual is in a better position to carry out their day to day tasks and lives.

My specialty

Deep Tissue work or Myofascial with a focus upon improving the Structure and range of motion for the bodies soft tissue and joints. Great for off season training and injuries. Sports massage and Trigger Point/Ortho-Bionomy.

Favorite quote

“Early to bed, early to Rise, work like hell and advertise.” -Ted Turner

What inspires me

Seeing people break through glass ceilings and of course my family, pets, and friends.

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